Frequently Asked Questions

SpyTrack Software
  • How does the SpyTrack software work?
    SpyTrack Software works on any web-enabled device on a browser. Using Spytrack online tracking software you can track 100s of tracking devices, display their locations in real time and view route history online. SpyTrack Service is available for a fixed annual price with no contacts or direct debits.
    SpyTrack Software users can:
    • Track objects (vehicle, cargo, person, pet, bike, mobile) in real time;
    • Receive notifications about important events via push alerts, email or SMS text message (geofence, speeding etc.)
    • Save fuel, Manage driver behaviour, Improve efficiency.
    • Generate and schedule informative reports;
    • View the route history of SpyTrack nano for the past 180 days.
  • Do I need to install any software on my computer to use SpyTrack Service?
    No, SpyTrack software is fully cloud based so no complicated software installs required. Simply visit login and start tracking.
  • Is there a Smartphone APP for SpyTrack?
    Yes, SpyTrack Mobile app is free of charge and works on Android and Apple IOS based smartphone and tablets. To download the app please visit:
  • How many trackers can I track on my SpyTrack account?
    There is no upper limit to how many GPS tracking devices you can add and track from a SpyTrack account.
  • How do I extend my tracker's subscription?
    Simply log into your SpyTrack account and click on 'Expiration Date' on the bottom of the screen. Select service duration and place an order.
  • How do I create alarms on SpyTrack Software?
    Charging, Low battery, Movement, Power, SOS, Shake alarms are pre-configured by default. You can use the SpyTrack mobile app to enable or disable alarm notifications.
  • What can I use SMS credits for?
    Optional SMS credits can be used to receive instant SMS alerts from SpyTrack Software on your mobile phone for events such as Charging, Low battery, Movement, Power, SOS, Shake. SMS credits can also be used to change settings on your GPS tracker via the 'Send Command' option.
  • Is there a limit to how many alert emails I can receive?
    Each SpyTrack account has a monthly allowance of 150 email alerts.
SpyTrack Nano Portable GPS Tracker
  • Do I need to configure the tracker or the software to start tracking the SpyTrack?
    No, all the necessary configuration has been done by our tech team. SpyTrack Nano is supplied pre-configured ready to use on SpyTrack Software. All you have to do is to activate your SpyTrack Nano and log in using your login credentials to the app or website.
  • Where should I place the tracker for optimal location accuracy?
    For advice on where in the vehicle to mount or install your GPS tracker please view our guide.
  • Why is my tracker off-line when stationary?
    Most GPS trackers, when configured correctly, will go to sleep mode when stationary to save power. SpyTrack will always display the last location of the tracker before it went to sleep. The SpyTrack Nano will automatically switch on when it's back on the move.
  • Why has my tracker stopped updating data to SpyTrack Software?
    Your GPS tracker could have stopped up dated for any or a combination of the following factors below.
    Is the tracker switched on?
    Has the tracker it lost power from the vehicle?
    If the tracker is battery powered
    Sim Card
    Does the Sim card have credit?
    Is the Sim card still active?
    Is the Sim cards mobile internet enabled?
    Have you changed any of the tracker's settings?
    Is the tracker in a location where it is able to pick up mobile GSM/GPRS signal?
    Is the tracker in a location where it can pick up GPS signal from the sky?